Get Ready for Grade 7

Grade 7 Information Evening

An information Evening will be held for all new students on Wednesday, April 10 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Please mark this on your calendar! The evening will be a drop in style event for our next year Clover Bar students and their families to come and explore their new school, meet our staff, and see what exciting options they can choose from!

Our Option Catalog is in the Quick Links on our website. Students will choose their options in the days after the Information Evening at home with their families through the Parent Portal of PowerSchool.

We are looking forward to meeting our newest Clover Bar Knights!

Grade 6 Visits

We want to make sure that our incoming grade 7 students feel as comfortable as possible when they come to their new school. To do that, we share as much information with students and their families to remove the mystery and fear of coming to Junior High. To support that transition, we:

  • Visit our feeder schools, Woodbridge and Mills Haven in early March after the Returning Student Registration is complete. We share a presentation on what to expect at Junior High, as well as the different options that are available for students to choose from.
  • We then welcome all of our new students at our Information Evening and Open House in early April.
  • To make sure we have answered all of the possible questions, we then go and visit as many elementary schools as possible that are sending students to Clover Bar.
  • At the end of May, we invite our feeder schools over to Clover Bar for a school visit where we:
    • have a school tour;
    • see the school in action;
    • hear from some of our Junior High experts about their grade 7 experience;
    • learn about and practice a combination lock.
  • In August, the day before school starts we host our Grade 7 Orientation for our students where they:
    • meet their homeroom teacher;
    • meet their homeroom class;
    • get their schedule;
    • see where their classes are;
    • get their locker and their lock.
      • students are encouraged to bring their supplies and set up their locker.
  • We then start the year with our Grade 7 Welcome Week!

Band Video

Did you know that we have a band program?  View our videos below and consider band as one of your options.

Band Video CLB

Band Video