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All students learn best when they are welcomed, cared for, respected and safe. At Clover Bar Junior High, our staff is committed to supporting our students and providing opportunities for them to grow and learn. Our students are accountable for their choices, actions and behaviors and supported through academic interventions, school activities and options, leadership opportunities, Individual Support Plans (ISPs), Numeracy and Literacy supports, and regular, open communication between the school and families.


Serving approximately 360 students, School staff work hard to help students become the best that they can be, providing opportunities to be engaged in their learning as well as involved in a great variety of extra curricular activities such as Art, Drama, construction, foods, team sports, and social activities. Clover Bar Junior High offers a safe and caring environment where all students feel welcomed, cared for,  respected,  and safe.

  • In preparation for high school and beyond, all Clover Bar students explore Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) and future occupations by engaging in sewing, photography and design, foods, commercial foods, improvisation, yearbook development, computer programming, fitness education, Lego robotics, app development, financial literacy, advanced and regular building construction and leadership.
  • Clover Bar has a strong Fine Arts Program and students seek opportunities to engage in Art, Band, and Drama. 
  • Clover Bar students participate in Elk Island Public School athletics. Students engage in volleyball, cross-country, basketball, badminton, golf, and track and field. 
  • Clover Bar offers the Sport for Life program.
  • Clover Bar has EIPS Division PLACE, FOCUS and Bridging programs.


Matt Shudra, Principal


Cherum Orr, Assistant Principal

Dawn Donaldson, Registration Secretary

Sherry MacIsaac, Attendance Secretary

Lynette McElheran, Business Secretary

Kyla Sorel, Counsellor


Aiming for the Future


Knights Code:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Your Best


Programs and Services

Grades 7 - 9

PLACE Program

FOCUS program

Extra-curricular Activities

Recreational Fitness:  Sports for Life

Options in Fine Arts, Band, Drama, Construction, Cosmetology, Fashions, Outdoor Education, Leadership, Foods and Computer Technology 

Clover Bar Junior High

Welcome to Clover Bar Junior High.  Our School hosts students from grade 7-9.  Please review our registration forms and option forms located under the "Student" link.