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Jacqui Holmes


Sheryl Tsiclas, Assistant Principal


Clover Bar Junior High School provides the educational background students need to succeed in future schooling while developing positive social relationships and enjoying enrichment opportunities. Serving approximately 435 students per year, the school provides an interactive, community learning environment for students, staff, and parents. School staff work hard to help students become the best that they can be, providing opportunities to be engaged in their learning as well as involved in a great variety of extra curricular activities such as Art, Band, Drama, Hockey, Soccer, community involvement, team sports, and social activities. We work with students to help them refine their goal setting, social conscience, and decision making in order to create a safe and caring environment where all students feel secure and valued.


Aiming for the Future


Each student is an individual, and our caring staff continually strive to help students reach their full potential.

Education Plan

Clover Bar SEP 2015 - 2018


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Junior High Honours
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