Junior Badminton Roster

Girls Roster        Boys Roster

Amaya G.            Braeden R.

Annabella M.       Cade N.

Annie D.              Dylan C.

Aspen G.              Jaxson P.

Madelyn O.          Luke B.

London M.           Oliver M.

Sachi R                 Omid S.

Scarlett M             Reid M.


Alternates          Alternates

Bailey N.             Blake C.

Caidence N.        Easton B.

                            Lukas M.

Alternates attend jr. team practices, are considered apart of the team, and are the first options for absent players in tournaments. Alternates only pay tournament entry fees for the tournaments they attend. Tournament play is likely, but not guaranteed.                        


Practices: First Practice is Tuesday March 19 at 7am and is the only practice before spring break. Two practice times per week TBD (please send restrictions to and/or so we can try to make a schedule that fits your life).            

April 6: Pre-season Tournament (tentative, as we haven't done this before, but are working to get more competitive games in).        

April 13: Tournament 9am-4pm (playoffs in tournaments start around 1pm, so players will be done when they are eliminated after that.        

April 20: Tournament 9am-4pm (same as above).            

April 25: EIAA Jr. Final Tournament , 8:30-3pm during school time.           

Developmental Badminton Roster

Girls Developmental       Boys Developmental

Aniyah M.           Chase L.

Austyn K.            Eben B.

Emelia A.            Jack D.

Emerson D.        Jessie M.

Emily K.                Kapil R.

Emma O.             Kieran K.

Lexie A.                Kiethan R.

Nandini S.           Lenny L

Olivia R.               Lukas S.

Riley S.                 Max H.

                             Nate M.

                             Owen H.

                             Rylie E.

                             Tony D.

                             Wyatt M.


Developmental players are ones that we hope, with coaching, will be able to compete for team sports next year.

Players may be asked to join jr. team practices, and will be called up to tournaments if needed. Non-Handball playing members may play in the April 20th Tournament as we will have many players missing.


Practices will run once per week and are TBD. Practices will begin after spring break, but we will have a lunch time meeting next week.

*Possible Tournaments: April 6, 13, 20, 25 only if the junior team is short players.