Knights Handball


First tryout will take place on Thursday March 14th from 3:30pm-5pm. Girls and boys combined for the first tryout.










Boys handball

Games for Juniors (Boys)

Girls handball

Games for Seniors (Girls)



Girls handball


Boys handball






Boys Handball League Schedule

Tuesday April 10th

Game at Ardrossan

Game 2 (~5pm) Veg vs. CLB

Game 3 (~6pm) ARD vs. CLB

Tuesday April 17th

Games at Lakeland Ridge

            Game 1 (~4pm) LLR vs. CLB

            Game 2 (~5pm) SWH2 vs. CLB

Tuesday May 1

Games at F.R. Haythorne

            Game 2 (~5pm) FRH vs. CLB

            Game 3 (~6pm) SWH vs. CLB



Girls Handball League Schedule

Thursday April 12th

Game at ABJ

Game 2 (~5pm)  FRH vs. CLB

Thursday April 19th

Games at Ardrossan

            Game 1 (~ 4pm) Veg vs. CLB

            Game 3 (~6pm) Ardrossan vs. CLB

Thursday April 26th

Games at Lakeland Ridge

            Game 1 (~4pm) LLR vs. CLB

            Game 2 (~5pm) SWH vs. CLB



Girls Games                                                           Boys Games

Thursday May 3rd 

4:40pm vs. Dan Knott - Court 1                               7:20pm vs. Sherwood Heights- Court 4

6:40pm vs. Steel Heights- Court 4


Friday May 4th 

11am vs. Calgary- Court 1                                      12:20pm vs. Calgary- Court 4

3pm vs. St. Peter the Apostle - Court 1                    5pm vs. Ardrossan- Court 3


Saturday May 5th

TBD                                                                       8:40am vs. Canmore - Court 2