Grade 10 High School Registration

Grade 10 Course Selection

Hello Grade 9 Clover Bar students, parents and guardians,

High School is right around the corner and we want to support you in your Grade 10 course selections. You have several choices in the progressions that you can take in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and there are many complimentary-option courses for you to choose from.  

We have prepared a video for you to view, in preparation for your course selections.  Linked below is a high school planning chart as well as links to the complimentary-option courses offered at Bev Facey Community High School and Salisbury Composite High School.

We are also linking video information below that will offer you a great deal of information about the registration process.  This information may be most beneficial to parents, as students have for the most part received this information at school.  One video offers information from a district perspective and the second set of videos offers more specific information about course registration, diploma requirements and complimentary or option courses.

This is an exciting time for you and we  are looking forward to supporting you as you plan for Grade 10. 

Please contact the school with any questions and if we are not able to answer them , we will do our best to find the answers!

EIPS informational video

Course Selection Videos

Grade 10 Planner