Successful Run for the Wizard of Oz!

We are over the moon!!! This show and these kids were so incredibly magical. We want to thank everyone that has come to support and cheer on our cast and crew.

  A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Laurie & Ms. Thorne for all their work for making this production a success. And to our behind the scenes helpers Mr. Kohlenberg, Mr. Timanson and Mr. Haman for their help with the sets and artwork!

Without the support and understanding of all of the Staff at Clover Bar Jr. High, this event would not have been possible.

Kudos to the Amazing Cast and Crew!




Our drama program is a participation based course that develops student's imagination and creativity, increases students self confidence through team work and teaches students presentation skills through various dramatic activities and exercises.    Our main units of study in drama focus on speech, movement, improvisation, acting, theater studies as well as technical theater.

Our grade 7 program aims to introduce grade 7's to the basic principles of drama and most importantly allow them a safe environment in which they learn to feel comfortable on stage.  We focus more on the process rather than the finished product.   Themes covered this year include:

  • Games, Games, Games
  • Sound Effects and More...( Radio Plays)
  • Tragedy of the Greeks ( Theater History)
  • Improvisation Olympics
  • Scene Study ( Be a Star!)
  • Year End Air Band Competition

Our Grade 8 Program builds on the skills built in grade 7.  In grade 8 we try to incorporate different genres of theater so students can begin to understand the different disciplines.  We believe that our students learn best by doing so there is more of a focus on performance.  Units incorporated include:

  • Be Mr. Bean ( Mime)
  • "You Can't Stop the Beat"... Musical Theater
  • Mixed Up Fairy Tales ( Children's Theater Show)
  • Improvisation Olympics
  • Media Unit ( Video Cameras/ Talk Shows/ Game Shows)
  • Year End Air Band Competition

Our Grade 9 Program aims to prepare students for high school theater programs or other community based programs.  It is in this year we try to fine tune skills learned in the past three years as well as introduce the basic elements of directing.

  • Good Guys and Bad Guys ( Melodrama)
  • Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (Stage Fighting)
  • Mastering a Monologue  ( How to Audition)
  • Plan, Direct and Star in a  One Act Play
  • Improvisation Olympics
  • Year End Air Band Competition


Our drama club gives the students an opportunity to participate in a large cast production at Festival Place in Sherwood Park. Students are able to participate by acting in the play or by working in the crew (lights sound, set construction or costuming) on the show.  All students in Clover Bar are able to participate in drama club.  We have had casts as large as 110 students.  Past Plays include High School Musical, The Jungle Book, Anne of Green Gables, Annie, Wizard of Oz and many, many more.

Most rehearsals are scheduled during the lunch hour although there are also a few rehearsals after school and on the weekends.  Auditions start at the end of September and we perform the first week of February at Festival Place.  We have 4 students' performances. There are two matinees in which we generally perform to elementary audiences as well as two evening shows.  In the past few years we've been lucky to sell out most of our performances.

It's an amazing experience for the students!