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Information for collecting belongings

Hello Clover Bar Students and Families,


Over the course of the next few days, we would invite you to come and collect items from lockers. It remains important that you arrive only during the date and time that you have chosen. Students, parents and members of the public do not have access to schools outside of those times.


In order to facilitate this collection of items, we would ask that you use the online School Interviews portal to sign up for one collection time of 10 minutes. 


In order to access this signup site, please go to




This portal will be opened Immediately for you to make your bookings. It will remain open until 2:45 pm on Friday, March 20. 


When you arrive at the school for your allotted time, please enter through the front door and go to the main gym where locker contents will be bagged and labelled on tables by homeroom number.  You may pick up items for multiple children at the same time.


There may be other items for your child to pick up as well.  Art projects, assignments or novels may be set out on the homeroom table for your child.  Please also check the lost and found which will be laid out in the gym. Please check to ensure that you have everything that you need before leaving.


Please stick to your 10 min selected time slot. 


Please bring back any library books, uniforms or other school items to the school when you visit.  Students are allowed to keep all core subject textbooks.  We will organize their return later in the year if needed.


Students will not have access to their classrooms or the rest of the school.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping us minimize the risk of infection, and keeping staff, students and families safe.

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