2019 Volleyball

Congratulations to all athletes on joining the Knights Nation volleyball programs. Good luck to you in your season!


Practice Schedule

Day/Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Sr Boys Sr Boys Jr Boys    
After School Jr Boys


(If no game)

Sr Girls


(If no game)

Evening     Jr Girls    


For all league schedule, scores and standings visit the EIPS Athletics website.


Tournament Schedule and Draws


September 12-14 EIPS Tournament: Girls @ Lakeland Ridge (Draw) Boys @ FR Haythorne (Draw)

September 27-28 Ardrossan: @ Ardrossan Junior Senior High (Draw)

October 4-5 Jasper Place: Girls (Draw)

October 18-19: Boys (Draw)

Nov 1-2 Sabre Spike Fest: @ SAL (Draw)



September 19-21 EIPS Tripleball Tournament: Girls @ Lakeland Ridge (Draw) Boys @ FR Haythorne (Draw)

October 18-19 Cougar Classic: Girls @ Vegreville Composite High School (Draw)

October 18-19 FR Haythorne Development Tournament: Boys (Draw)

October 25-26 Howler: @ Lakeland Ridge (Draw)